James Oram Profile

James Oram


Interesting fact – My double jointed elbows make me standout on the bike and must help with cooking as my culinary delights are always a hit with friends!

Goals for the 2021 season – To win the National Championships and International UCI races while helping the younger riders on the team develop into classy professional riders. Be continue to be a proud ambassador of New Zealand Cycling and Black Spoke.

Future cycling aims - To return to the pro level of the sport and represent New Zealand at the next World Championships.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: 1st U19 ITT World Championships 2011, 6th U23 ITT World Championships 2015, U23 National Road Race Champion 2013

Aaron Gate Profile

Aaron Gate


Interesting fact – I raced for Irish registered teams for the previous 7 years before joining Black Spoke Pro Cycling (which as a side face also makes me the oldest/grumpiest member of the team).

Goals for the 2021 season – To win Gold at the 2020(1) Tokyo Olympic Games on the track with New Zealand, and to take an international win on the road with Black Spoke.

Future cycling aims - To race in a World Tour Team.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Winning Bronze with the NZ Team Pursuit at the 2012 London Olympics, winning the Omnium World Championships in Belarus 2013, and racing both the Omnium at the Track World Championships in Hong Kong (where I was 2nd) and racing in the breakaway in Liege-Bastogne-Liege 7 apart in 2017.

Ethan Batt Profile

Ethan Batt


Interesting fact - I was homeschooled.

Goals for the 2021 season – Get some good results in Europe and progress up the ranks.

Future cycling aims - Progress to the highest level I can with the ultimate goal of racing in the TDF.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: 2nd U23 TT National Championships, 1st U23 & kom Tour of Southland, 2nd Criterium National Championships

Luke Mudgway Profile

Luke Mudgway


Interesting fact – My favourite Netflix show is Peaky Blinders. I have met Cillian Murphy in an Irish pub.

Goals for the 2021 season – To win and help the team win races in Europe. I want to finish the season knowing I gave 100% all year for myself and the team.

Future cycling aims - To step up to the World Tour and win a stage of the Tour de France.

Josh Kench Profile

Josh Kench


Interesting fact - Known to conquer the 100 Nuggets challenge from McDonald’s, earning me the nickname “McNugget” (PB - 5:23)

Goals for the 2021 season - To gain as much experience racing with the team and get some wins along the way.

Future cycling aims - To ride at World Tour Level.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Tour of L'abitibi stage win, Racing in Herald Suntour 2020, 3rd in Stage Tour of Southland

Kiaan Watts Profile

Kiaan Watts


Interesting fact - I am the oldest child with three siblings and also the only male.

Goals for the 2021 season - Work hard as a selfless teammate and prove myself as a capable U23 rider individually.

Future cycling aims - Turn my career into a full time European gig and represent my country as an elite.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Junior Madison World Champion 2019, Ticked off all major NZ Junior Tour jerseys, 4th Elite Crit nationals as an 18 year old

Xander White Profile

Xander White


Interesting fact - At 2 years old I climbed into the meerkat enclosure at Auckland zoo, the first and last person to do this as very shortly after the enclosure was remodeled with far higher walls.

Goals for the 2021 season – I am excited to learn and develop throughout my first elite season in Europe I hope to perform at a professional standard throughout the entire season and also achieve top results personally in the races I am targeting on the calendar.

Future cycling aims - I would like to achieve a top 10 result at the under23 world championships in Australia, 2022. By the end of my time as an under23 rider in 2023 I aim to have signed a contract with a world tour team.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: 3rd place u19 Oceania Championships individual time trial 2019, Yellow jersey winner u17 CHB Junior tour 2017, Teams classification winners 2021 Tour of Southland.

Campbell Stewart Profile

Campbell Stewart


Interesting fact - I'm a keen cliff jumper.

Goals for the 2021 season – To win gold in Tokyo and get some results in Europe on the road.

Future cycling aims - To progress on the Road to a Professional team.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Winning the Omnium World Championship in 2019, Getting 2nd in the Team Pursuit at the 2021 World Championships, Getting 2nd in the Madison at the 2021 World Championships

Joel Yates Profile

Joel Yates


Interesting fact - I’ve raced a bike at 4:30am in Central Park, New York City. Surprisingly the public toilets did not have doors...

Goals for the 2021 season – The main focus for the first part of the season is the Time Trial and Nationals, I’d like to go at least one step further than 4th last year. It’s going to be my first full season in Europe so learning as much as I can will be very important. And alongside that, any result at the pointy end of a big European bike race would be great.

Future cycling aims - I’m a bit of the stock standard, dream of racing the Tour de France and I’m hugely passionate about the World Championships and Tour of Flanders. Winning one of those would just about do it

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: 1st - Stage 2 2019 Vuelta Guatemala, 4th - 2019 National Time Trial Championship, 4th Overall and 3rd U23 - 2018 National Road Race Championships.

Logan Currie Profile

Logan Currie


Interesting fact - Just a country boy riding bikes!

Goals for the 2021 season – To make some good mates and win some races.

Future cycling aims - To go world Tour, and hopefully win a world champs.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: u19 TT, u23 TT 3rd, a win in Belgium in u19

Tom Sexton Profile

Tom Sexton


Interesting fact - I’m from Southland so I roll my Rs.

Goals for the 2021 season – I hope to learn from the new racing experiences and try to progress my way to hopefully pick up a UCI race win or help the team achieve multiple of them.

Future cycling aims - Winning a Olympic gold as well as being a being a world champion and performing at the highest level on the road in races like the Tour de France and spring classics.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Winning the opening prologue at the tour of Southland (2020) and winning the sprint ace jersey (2019) because the tour was what got me into cycling so to be able to perform at that race was really special, Geting a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships Scratch race, Winning the Junior World Championships team pursuit in world record time (2016).

James Fouche Profile

James Fouche


Interesting fact - I have lived in 17 houses

Goals for the 2021 season – To nab a race win overseas in Europe this year whether that be myself or another rider on the team, I get the same satisfaction.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: 1st - 2019 NZ Elite National Road Race Champ, 6th - U23 Ghent Wevelgem, KOM Jersey at Triptyque des Monts et Chateaux 2018 & 2019

Dylan McCullough Profile

Dylan McCullough


Interesting fact - I am currently training towards getting my Pilot’s Licence.

Goals for the 2021 season – To do as much racing as I can as there was not a lot of racing happening during 2020! And learn as much as I can from older riders and staff to develop my cycling skills.

Future cycling aims - I would love to be able to juggle long-distance Professional Triathlon racing and Professional Cycling as a domestique like current INEOS Grenadiers rider Cam Wurf.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Winning Gold in the Men’s Triathlon at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games, 3rd place at the 2021 NZ U23 Cycling National Time Trial Champs, 2x Oceania U19 Triathlon Champion/p>