James Oram Profile

James Oram


Interesting fact – My double jointed elbows make me standout on the bike and must help with cooking as my culinary delights are always a hit with friends!

Goals for the 2022 season – To return to full health following a injury marred end to 2021. To win International UCI races while helping the younger riders on the team develop into classy professional riders. To continue to be a proud ambassador of New Zealand Cycling and Black Spoke.

Future cycling aims - To return to the pro level of the sport and represent New Zealand at the next World Championships.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: 1st U19 ITT World Championships 2011, 6th U23 ITT World Championships 2015, U23 National Road Race Champion 2013

Aaron Gate Profile

Aaron Gate


Interesting fact – I funded the start of my cycling career driving a forklift in a timber sales yard, whilst studying computer science.

Goals for the 2022 season – Win some bike races!

Future cycling aims - Ride the rest of the classics and another Grand Tour. Win Olympic Gold on the track.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Standing on the podium at my first Olympic Games, winning a rainbow jersey and winning the Tour of Southland.

Mark Stewart Profile

Mark Stewart


Interesting fact - I've had 11 teeth out.

Goals for the 2022 season – Play an integral part in Blackspokes most successful season. Win the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Win as many road races as possible. Be ready, take and enjoy, every opportunity that comes my way

Future cycling aims - Win the Olympics. Become World champion. Step up to world tour and ride the biggest races. Use whatever influence I have (big or small), to lead by example and stay true to my values of respect, integrity and perseverance.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Riding the 2017 U23 World Road Race Championships. Winning the Commonwealth Games. Winning 5 medals at NZ nationals 2019/2020(Just summed up my NZ experience, very welcoming people, even let me race their nationals)

Mitchel Fitzsimons Profile

Mitchel Fitzsimons


Interesting fact - I am a Certified forklift driver.

Goals for the 2022 season – I hope to make a successful step up into the U23/Elite ranks with the aim of gaining as much experience as possible while helping the boys to some wins throughout the season.

Future cycling aims - To race for a world tour team and ride the TDF.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Junior worlds in Belgium. 2020 scratch race gold at nationals. Oceania track champs and the camps leading into it.

Regan Gough Profile

Regan Gough


Interesting fact - I have a German Shepart with human mannerisms.

Goals for the 2022 season – To kock it up and put Bolton Equities Black Spoke Pro Cycling on the map.

Future cycling aims - Olympic medal (Ideally Gold) and to get over hills longer than 1 minute long.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Racing on the tandem with my dad, Aaron Gate hitting the wheel, and creating friendshipos and bonds that last a life time.

Ryan Christensen

Ryan Christensen


Interesting fact - I received the highest marks in Carpentry every year at highschool.

Goals for the 2022 season – Finish the season with more than 200 uci points. Podium 3 times in a UCI race Podium in a UCI1.1.

Future cycling aims - Step up to a Pro team in 2023 Ride a Grand Tour. Race Paris Roubaix.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Racing U23 world champs in Austria. First UCI Professional victory at Tour of Antalya when we won the Overall classification.

Ethan Batt Profile

Ethan Batt


Interesting fact - I worked for 7 years in the winemaking industry.

Goals for the 2022 season – Continue to gain experience in Europe as well as some personal results mainly focusing on time trials and Breakaways.

Future cycling aims - To make it to the highest level I can and to race the biggest races in the world.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Winning my first european race at the vysocina tour in 2019. Racing U23 gent wevelgem as my first race in europe and being in the breakaway with james fouche. Winning the U23 and kom jersey at the tour of southland 2018 while working for michael vink who went on to win the tour

Luke Mudgway Profile

Luke Mudgway


Interesting fact – I hate balloons.

Goals for the 2022 season – To build on my 2021 season and consistently finish in the top 10 in the European circuit. To finish on the podium of a 1.1 and help the team win their first .1 level race. Id also like to help the younger riders of the team with their racing and training to develop them into better riders.

Future cycling aims - To compete in cycling’s top echelon of the sport and doing the best I can so I can be satisfied with what I achieved in my career.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Junior World Madison Champion. Tour of China Stage winner and 3rd Overall Gravel & Tar Champion

Josh Kench Profile

Josh Kench


Interesting fact - Known to conquer the 100 Nuggets challenge from McDonald’s, earning me the nickname “McNugget” (PB - 5:23)

Goals for the 2022 season - To win my first UCI race in Europe. while also learning from the older riders to keep developing as a rider on and off the bike.

Future cycling aims - To be apart of a World Tour Team and race the Grand Tours.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Tour of Norway 2021 first pro race against some of the best teams in the world. 3rd U23 Tour of Norway. 1st stage 5 Junior tour de L'abitibi, launching my career in cycling out of the junior ranks.

Logan Currie Profile

Logan Currie


Interesting fact - Work on the home farm while I’m not pedaling bikes.

Goals for the 2022 season – I hope to progress in my cycling career and try to get the best results possible. And also have an epic year with the fellas.

Future cycling aims - Try and make it into the world tour peloton and hopefully snag some epic results in some top races.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: European campaign with the boys, World Champs 2021, Belgium Kermesses

Tom Sexton Profile

Tom Sexton


Interesting fact - I roll my Rs because I’m from southland, I’ve never had tomato sauce before.

Goals for the 2022 season – Improve on my 2021 season with black-spoke use the knowledge I’ve gained in Europe to get more results for the team. Go to the commonwelth games on the track and get a medal.

Future cycling aims - To progress to the top level of cycling and race grand tours and monuments. Go to the olympics and win a medal.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: winning the tour of southland sprint ace, because this is the race that got me into cycling so it was special to win something at this race.

James Fouche Profile

James Fouche


Interesting fact - Favourite sport is American Football.

Goals for the 2022 season – Win Some bike races and fly the flag of NZ and Blackspoke proudly.

Future cycling aims - Race in the World Tour at some point and go to the Olympics one day. Win Tour of Southland.

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Winning a Tour of Southland stage into Gore. Becoming National Champ in 2019. First European season with the BlackSpoke boys in 2021. It was incredible to see the quality of races we gained on our schedule for a band new Kiwi team!

Dylan McCullough Profile

Dylan McCullough


Interesting fact - I learnt to drive a manual car by myself when I was 8 years old!

Goals for the 2022 season – Make the NZ Commonwealth Games Team and get a good result at the U23 World Triathlon Champs in Abu Dhabi.

Future cycling aims - Future Triathlon Goals in the next 4 years would be to make the 2024 Olympic Team and win the U23 World Triathlon Champs

Top 3 of your best (or memorable) results: Top 3 Triathlon Results: 2018 Youth Olympic Champion. 2019, 2020 Oceania Junior Champion. 2021 12th at U23 World Champs in first year

Bailey O'Donnell Profile

Bailey O'Donnell


Interesting fact - I have an addiction to lollies / candy

Goals for the 2022 season – To learn as much as possible to help the team and if I get the chance to do well in some bike races but most of all have a good time and enjoy it and make the most of the opportunity.

Future cycling aims - I want to be competitive in some of the biggest races in the world but my favourite race to win would be the Tour of Flanders.